(Bio)sphere of influence


Assistant 教授essor 莎拉增刊 operates at the intersection of two academic fields. Synthesizing data analytics and biology as a biodiversity researcher, Supp creates surprising new ways to research and solve problems. And she is a crusader in the classroom, 支持生物学教授在课程中加入数据分析工具的力量. 美国国家科学基金会(NSF)正在资助她在这两方面的工作.

“When you partner biology and data analysis, 您对一般模式和因果关系有了更强的理解,”她说.

Supp访问巨大的数据集,以深入研究过去或广泛地跨越海洋和地形, tracking biodiversity changes through time or across latitudes. “My goal is to understand similarities of patterns and trends writ large.”


On the macro side, she is part of an international team of researchers examining 50,000 longitudinal land and marine data series 在整个地球上. 该研究小组发现,物种数量和多样性的变化与空气或海洋表面温度的变化有关. They have also tracked the different rates of changing biodiversity on land versus in the ocean,有关 森林的减少, and identified areas 在整个地球上 that are experiencing greater overlapping effects on climate change and human-driven pressures.

And on the micro side, Supp is tapping into citizen science observations to gain insight into how species migrate in parallel over time through a multi-institution collaborative NSF award. 跟踪 红雪松东部, nicknamed “the green glacier” because of its steady encroachment of territory, she is exploring the role of birds in the trees’ westward creep across North America.

与生物学合作进行数据分析的不可否认的好处促使Supp开始了第三条研究路线:寻找帮助生物学教授的方法, especially at the undergraduate level, incorporate data analytics tools into their curriculum.

“人们普遍认为,亚博体彩手机客户端需要用现代解决问题的技能来更新亚博体彩手机客户端的生物学本科生. 数据科学——定量推理——是亚博体彩手机客户端的毕业生进入职业生涯所需要的东西,”她说.

While change is inherently challenging, 更新课程——尤其是计划复杂的实验室——进一步提高了标准. Couple that with learning and putting into action a new field of science… well, let’s just say this is an uphill climb. 但Supp对此表示支持.

Supp and fellow co-principals were awarded an NSF grant to form the Biological and Environmental Data Education (BEDE) Network, 一个由生物学家和数据科学家组成的社区”,致力于赋予本科教师将数据科学带入生物学和环境科学课程的能力.”


“2019年,亚博体彩手机客户端在丹尼森召开了一个小型会议,并开发了一项调查,以确定六种主要的数据技能,”增刊说. “亚博体彩手机客户端也 identified a number of potential barriers — many of them were perceived barriers about knowledge and comfort. 即使是教授也会有冒名顶替综合症,或者给自己贴上“不懂数学”或“不懂数据”的标签。.”

The BEDE Network organized a training network for instructors, 协同开发数据素养模块是否适合生物教师, 计划建立可共享的课程地图,建议在本科生物课程中包括数据科学工具的可访问的渐进步骤. These small changes can plant the seed for further growth.

增刊是充满希望的. “The field of biology wants to embrace this education. We recognize this is the present and the future of biology, and we are 能力 to do new and exciting things all the time.”